Webinar: Setting the Stage for Successful Clinical Manufacturing of Cell and Gene Therapies

Are you preparing to advance your therapy into the clinic? Discover how to avoid common pitfalls therapy developers make when manufacturing cell and gene therapies.

In the race to get novel therapies into clinical trials, early-stage biotech companies must objectively assess their readiness and make critical decisions about where and how to manufacture.

Setting the Stage for Successful Clinical Manufacturing of Cell and Gene Therapies” is our next webinar produced in partnership with Phacilitate. Join us as a panel of industry experts shed light on where most early stage biotechs go wrong in overestimating their readiness. Encouraging you to take an in-depth look at your product, capabilities, technologies, processes, and team, this panel discussion will prepare you for success as you bring your product from the bench to patients worldwide. You’ll gain coveted insight needed to advance your readiness as you learn what key indicators to look for and how to assess them.

What to expect

Part 1: The panel addresses key challenges associated with clinical manufacturing and the common mistakes therapy developers make when faced with external pressures. Topics covered include:

  • A well-defined product: why it’s so important to define specifications, dosing, QBD, CPP, and more early on
  • Assessing scalability, repeatability, and GMP readiness of your manufacturing process
  • Minimizing the chance of error, reducing contamination risk, and speeding up processing time
  • The criticality of having the right team built prior to manufacturing
  • Is outsourcing to a CDMO the right move, and are you ready for that partnership?

Part 2: The panel answers audience questions with an interactive Q&A.

Date and Time: 
17th November 2022
08:00am [PDT] | 11:00am [EDT] | 04:00pm [BST]