White Paper Download: Results of Study Designed to Test Transfection of T-cells Using Kytopen’s Flowfect® Technology

BioCentriq is announcing the release of a white paper titled Efficient, Large-Scale Transfection of T-Cells Using Flowfect® Technology.

Transfection is an invaluable tool used in cell engineering applications to study and modify gene expression by introducing mRNA or DNA into a recipient cell.

Traditional transfection methods, such as static electroporation, typically result in adverse effects to cell viability, delivery efficiency, and subsequent cell growth. Kytopen’s Flowfect®Tx is an automated, closed, benchtop transfection system that enables the delivery of genetic payloads to cells through electromechanical continuous flow.

The objective of the study, conducted through a collaboration between BioCentriq and Kytopen, was to test transfection of T-cells with GFP mRNA for evaluation of cell viability, transfection efficiency, and posttransfection growth using Kytopen’s Flowfect® technology. GFP-labeled cells were analyzed using flow cytometry methods as a measure of transfection efficiency.

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Kytopen White Paper Download