Biotech Banter Podcast, Episode 1:  Automation &  Platformization in Cell Therapy with Dr. Qasim Rafiq

Dedicated to bringing you top experts in the field, Biotech Banter promises a host of thought leaders and experienced professionals that can provide you with insight you might otherwise miss. The first episode features Dr. David Smith, Vice President of Development at BioCentriq, and Dr. Qasim Rafiq, an Associate Professor in Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocess Engineering at University College London.  

Together, they delved into some much-discussed topics circulating the industry today, including automation that streamlines production and the possibilities and benefits of “platformization.” They also shed light on the challenges faced by early-stage companies in transitioning into a commercialization structure and provided valuable insights into how the industry can support academia in developing groundbreaking processes and therapies that have the potential to save lives. 

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