Meet With BioCentriq at the 8th CAR-TCR Summit! 

Discover how you can reduce timelines and costs, de-risk clinical trials and get to patients faster with BioCentriq’s LEAPTM platform for advanced therapies.

Discover BioCentriq’s Capabilities 

Our team is ready to meet with you and discuss BioCentriq’s capabilities as a collaborative CDMO focusing exclusively on cell and gene therapies. We can help you reduce timelines and costs, de-risk clinical trials, and ultimately, get to patients faster.  

With a team of experienced scientists, engineers, analysts, and cell therapy manufacturing specialists, we have established phase-appropriate quality systems and a track record of manufacturing products for use in human clinical trials. Meet with us or stop by Booth # K124 to learn more about our new LEAP™ Advanced Therapy Platform.  

By utilizing the LEAPTM platform, early-stage biotech companies with novel cell therapy candidates can leverage proven expertise and assets to receive IND clearance and begin treating patients in as little as six months from project initiation. 

Schedule a meeting with us at CAR-TCR Summit here. 

Attend a Demo of Kytopen’s Flowfect® Technology 

In partnership with Kytopen, BioCentriq will be hosting an in-person demo and presentation on the next evolution of Flowfect® technology.  

This in-person event showcasing the next evolution of Flowfect® technology will be led by Kytopen CTO Bethany Grant and take place at 3:15 on Wednesday August 30th at the BioCentriq Booth # K124.

The Flowfect® platform enables rapid, customizable, and efficient non-viral delivery of complex genome engineering materials, including CRISPR, mRNA, and DNA, to living medicines realized in both large and small volume configurations for improved scalability.  

Flowfect Discover™, the technology that will be presented, resolves manufacturing challenges at the discovery stage using a customizable, automated high-throughput payload delivery system that accelerates cell therapy discovery, development, and process optimization.  

Download BioCentriq White Paper

BioCentriq previously published the results of a study conducted through its collaboration with Kytopen in a white paper entitled  Efficient, Large-Scale Transfection of T-Cells Using Flowfect® Technology.

The study was designed to test transfection of T-cells with GFP mRNA for evaluation of cell viability, transfection efficiency, and post-transfection growth using Kytopen’s Flowfect® technology.  

Download the results of that study here.